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About us


An Tuireann, 'the spark', was once a fever hospital. Now we are a showcase contemporary visual arts venue. Rooted on the west-coast island of Skye, in the Gaelic language, and in a diversity of cultures, we focus on contemporary expression in an international context.


We are growing as a vibrant creative hub for artists, arts development, audiences, and exciting outreach to communities. We are a unique driver for wide public access to contemporary work.


  1. We deliver an exhibitions and events programme of international quality.
  2. We support artists through international networks and working interchanges, and to develop new work.
  3. We create innovative outreach projects.
  4. We cross art forms and new media.
  5. We serve amazing food!
  6. We cross boundaries, not by presenting 'safe art', but by building bridges that lead to the unexpected.