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Workshops & Outreach

Mapping a Journey

30th & 31st July, 2pm - 5pm. £6 per day or £10 for both days. Ages 8-12

Caroline Dear, artist from our next exhibition, Sealladh 5, will be taking the group on a walk looking at the landscape around them. Participants will collect objects personal to them which will then be used to create a visual map of their journey. Exercise, fresh air, creative fun and learning will be had by all. Hopefully this workshop will be outside so everyone will need to come prepared! Make sure wellies, coats and midge repellent are brought along. Call 01478 613306 to book.

Film In 2 Days

2nd & 3rd August, 10am - 4pm. £25 for both days. Ages 12-17

Gavin Lockhart, an artist also involved with Sealladh 5, will be making a film in two days! Gavin is a new media artist who has an interesting and unconventional approach to educational activities. His last film workshop at An Tuireann was so successful that the finished product was shown at the launch of Highland 2007. These two days will show you film-making techniques, build your confidence in using a camera and encourage involvement in script writing and storyboarding. Some of the filming will take place outside so again, appropriate dress is essential. Call 01478 613306 to book.

Collaborative Visual Poem

6th & 7th August, 10am - 5pm. £25 for both days. Ages 10-100 welcome!

Participants will be working together using a selection of natural materials to make individual pieces which will then be combined to make a series of short sculptural poems. Caroline Dear returns as your host and will be speaking about the relevance of her work and inviting conversation on where politics in art stops and where it starts. The is a great opportunity to make, to gather, to discuss, to learn and to think away from the day's normal tasks. Once again, remember the 'boy-scout code' - Be Prepared! Call 01478 613306 to book.

Skye Through Our Eyes

Open to any adult in Skye and Lochalsh who has any form of learning disability. You are welcome to join sessions in art, photography/video, graphic design or creative writing.

To find out about where, when and what is on offer in your area (North Skye - Portree , Lochalsh & South Skye - Kyleakin ) please contact Kath MacLeod.

T: 01478 61 3306