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International residency


(7 October - 4 November 2006)

An Tuireann launches a pilot residency programme with artists Keiko Mukaide and Teddy Lo and from. 7 October - 4 November 2006. The period will be used by the artists to focus wholly on the development of their practice. There is no expectation on finished work during the residency but the artists will be encouraged to develop concepts that may eventually be scheduled into the exhibition programme.

An Tuireann is keen to develop a structure where we initiate 'new work' and provide the freedom for artists to be innovative and experimental within a creative
environment. The artists selected for the initial year are both leading exponents in their field, either developing new parameters of technology or surpassing the
limitations of materials, with both using an element of light within their work.

Keiko Mukaide born in Japan, now living and working in Fife on the Scottish coast,
Mukaide's work evolves not only from an aesthetic response to the surrounding landscape, but through a greater fascination with both its histories and natural rhythms. The work also probes ideas about human perceptions of the landscape, deriving from both a real and
imaged experience. Mukaide's intuitive and harmonious response to a place motivates the site-specific installations with glass.

A recent commission by Tate St Ives involved a 55 foot-long installation of brilliant coloured light using shards of dichroic glass, centrally lit by a beehive light-house lens. Mukaide uses the translucent and prismatic properties of glass as a metaphor for the unseen forces of nature, which sustain the forms and structures we physically encounter. These seem
inextricably bound up with the artists philosophical and spiritual sensibilities.

During the residency at An Tuireann, Mukaide is researching a continuing development of her work with a particular interest in healing wells.

Trained in Japan, the UK, France, Germany and the US, Keiko has exhibited worldwide and won numerous awards including the Creative Scotland Award in 2000.

TEDDY LO, a Hong Kong born artist , is considered a pioneer in the use of LED
technology for artistic, commercial property design and advertising purposes. In 2003, Lo held his first LED art exhibition, Morphology, in New York, receiving
widespread critical acclaim. In 2004, Lighting Magazine recognized Lo's artistic
contributions to the industry by selecting him for their "Who's Who of Lighting 2004."He has since held exhibitions in numerous international locations and has
recently premiered new work this year in Frankfurt.

LED screens are part of a unique display configuration designed by LED artist Teddy Lo. Lo challenges the boundaries of our senses and persuades us to focus on the
intricacies and characteristics of LED technology. Teddy removes the functionality of the product and reveals the true beauty of LED's in the dynamic ability to come alive in perception and motion.

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Teddy Lo

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