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New Project from August 2006

(August 2006)

Explore, create...

Opportunity for schools in S& L to take part in an exciting new project for the Highland Year of Culture.
THAR CHRÌOCHAN ARTS & LEARNING PROJECT will explore the relationship between visual art and music. Pupils will have the chance to create a unique sound and visual "artwork" working with a contemporary Classical Composer, a Visual Artist and Artists practicing in different artforms (e.g. dance, sculture, video, new media).

Several schools have already taken part in the first composition only strand of the project. This has involved pupils composing their own music under the guidance of Composer, Mark Hewitt. The pupils then went on to work with professional musicians who rehearsed their compositions and then performed the pieces to enthralled public audiences at An tuireann's Contemporary Classical Concert Series "The Soundcube".

For more information on this Art and Music project, or on anything to do with our changing program of exhibitions, opportunities for schools, or to arrange a school visit etc, please contact Kath MacLeod.

T: 01478 61 3306